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10 Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Business’s Redundant Workflows And Processes

Artificial intelligence is the talk of the town. Whether or not it’s ready for prime time depends on your level of expectation. In its current state, it’s not going to replace humans anytime soon; but it can certainly take over some redundant tasks and workflows.

15 Ways Employees Benefit From AI Automations

Imagine showing up to work one day and discovering your most dreaded tasks have vanished—like magic! You’re not in an alternate reality; you’re simply in a workplace empowered by artificial intelligence. What if I told you that robots and chatbots could make you love your job again? No, this isn’t a sci-fi daydream; it’s the compelling reality for employees in businesses that have embraced AI automation.

The Progress Principle: The Power of Small Wins To Boost Employee Performance

The power of small wins isn’t just for individuals to take advantage of; it’s for teams too. In 2011, Harvard Professor, Teresa Amabile released a must-read book called The Progress Principle where she explores the power of small wins and meaningful progress in fueling motivation, creativity, and overall job satisfaction.

5 Ideas That Are Stopping Companies From Going Fully Remote

5 ideas that are stopping companies from going fully remote

Is the future of work remote? It’s more of a hybrid between remote and in person. Though the pandemic is far from over, companies are starting to go back to office and bringing their employees with them. Some are opting for a hybrind approach where some employees work remotely while others are in person at work. But, having experienced working from home, some employees don’t want to go back to the office and are opting to quit their job and work for themselves or find a job where they can keep working from home.

How Do You Deal With Chaos? Focus On The Moment

This is a post I’m writing for my friend Jesus, who’s taking on a leadership challenge

To thrive in chaos and adapt to change requires the mental preparedness to modify one’s thoughts at a moment’s notice. As an entrepreneur, I’m well adapted to chaos. I actually want it. Most people don’t. They love that they have a routine and structured day. Any chaos drives them crazy. It drains their energy. But life is chaotic. So how do you deal with chaos?

How To Encourage Your Team To Take Breaks

At work, you just want to power through, to get done what you need to get done, so that you can go home. This, unfortunately, leads us to lots of bad behaviors and unhealthy choices. We skip meals—or eat meals out of the vending machine. We stay at our desk as long as possible, sometimes not stopping to do anything but go to the bathroom and don’t get me wrong many of us feel completely comfortable sitting down in our Buy Direct Online Home Office Furniture but we still need to keep in mind the importance behind taking time to breathe.

Read This If You Suck At Follow Through

Being great at follow through doesn't require brains, it requires commitment, awareness and thoughtfulness

A friend of mine who recently embarked on his own entrepreneurial journey figured out that he doesn’t like dealing with people who suck at follow through. You know who they are: people who don’t follow up, forget, make excuses, disappear, and are energy and time wasters to those of us who make stuff happen.

I said, welcome to the club!