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4 Approaches To Sharpen Your Thinking and Get Better Ideas

Do you often come to the same answer as most people? The same conclusion? Most people do. This is because they read the same stuff, talk to people who are similar to them and don’t question their assumptions. Social media has created a bubble devoid of critical thinking which drives people to the same conclusions.

5 Ways Leaders Can Drive Innovation In Their Business

When it happens, innovation isn’t an accident. Why? Because of leadership. Leadership is another code word for innovation. Sure, teams innovate; they do the work. But, leaders drive and enable people to do their best work. Show me an innovative organization and I’ll show you a great leader behind it that created a culture that enables it to outperform consistently.

10 Strategies For Changing Your Perspective

It’s all a matter of perspective. Perspective is worth more than IQ. Cliche’s you’ve heard before; they true. Having and gaining perspective is part of growing up, few people take full control of enhacing it and most don’t.

7 Methods For Finding Opportunities For Innovation

Innovation isn’t something that only a few companies do; any organization with the vision and will can and should innovate. There are many reasons why companies don’t innovate, one of them is they don’t know where to start. And, where you start is with a problem, challenge, insight, a need.

The Marginal Gains Philosophy: How to Achieve Big Results Through Small Improvements

We all want to get better, some more than others, at whatever it is that we do. But, most fail and end up being average. Talent alone won’t make you great, but obsession will. Obsessing about the details, and focusing on getting better everyday.  How?

Embrace Feeling Dumb

I don’t know. Great!, that’s where you want to start, I said.  Society rewards experience, expertise, having all the answers. But better answers aren’t found in the domain of old ideas, they’re found when we actively question what we think we know and venture outside our field of expertise.