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Is Empathy Overrated?

Is empathy overrated? As I posted a few weeks ago, empathy is the greatest creator of human energy; so I don’t believe it to be overrated. Still, there are those who believe too much empathy is not good. One of those people is Psychologist and author Paul Bloom, who wrote a book about the topic. I’ve found it interesting and have been reading and listening to his counter arguments to empathy; the main argument is…
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Time, Energy and Attention Are The Only Things We Invest That We Can’t Get Back

Here’s a typical scenario… You’re an employee at a large organization, have been there for a while. You see opportunities to make things better, you talk to people, some doors open then they close. You’re frustrated because you can’t make progress. You start thinking about all the ways everything could be better if you only had a chance to apply your ideas. Does this sound familiar?