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I’m CEO of Netek and I’m also the President of the Baja California Innovation Cluster.

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Here Are Some Cool and Innovative 3D Printing Business Ideas for 2021

 in Innovation
3D printing has become the buzzword recently, it is a key technology that will drive the Next Economy. It isn’t a new innovation and its development dates back to the 1980s. However, with increased accessibility and the latest innovations, 3D printers have become irreplaceable. These machines can work with a variety of different materials from plastics to metals. It is no more just a prototyping solution but can help create end products, ready to use.
Customer Service

Is The Customer Always Right? No!

If you’ve ever worked in customer service (everyone should!) you’ve heard your boss say that making the customer happy is key to delivering great service. Though customer service is a key activity for all businesses, customer service is not a job people jump with excitement to do. Maybe because there are some ideas that have gone unchallenged for many decades that make it a not so great job! I worked as a customer support representative…