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Hello my friend, welcome to the Game-Changer! A blog about innovation, new ideas and how the world is changing. I’m your host Jorge Barba, an Innovation Insurgent. You’re here because you’re interested in being or becoming a Game-Changer in everything you do. Let’s do it!

I’m CEO of Netek and I’m also the President of the Baja California Innovation Cluster.

I also work with startups and corporations. Need help reinventing your innovation capability, developing new growth platforms and revenue streams?



It Took A Pandemic To Realize These 8 Things

 in Economics
I remember back in 2010 I started telling friends and people with businesses they should start adopting digital technologies, how things would change and they had to or risk being left behind. Fast forward to 2016, I gave speeches at universities and organizations talking about the Next Economy and how 10 key technologies would drive and change everything.