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Generative AI Is Good Enough To Be Useful. Should You Adopt Or Die?

If you look up the definition of the word laggard you get this: Laggards are the last persons or organizations to adopt new ideas, technologies, products, or specific innovations. Another way to describe laggards is by using the word traditionalists; the last to adopt an innovation. They are fixated on the past, on maintaining the status quo.

5 Most Important Things You Need To Know From McKinsey’s Generative AI and The Future of Work in America Report

Last week, McKinsey released their 76-page long report on generative AI and the future of work in America. Two of the key conclusions from the report are that generative A.I. will upend the workforce, forcing 12 million job switches and automating away 30% of hours worked in the U.S. economy by 2030.