8 Best Tech Newsletters To Subscribe To

8 Best Tech Newsletters To Subscribe To

If you have not been keeping up, emerging technologies will drive the Next Economy. Which means that in the future, you’re either a digital business or a dead business.

With that said, business leaders need to keep up with the pace of technology because exponential technologies require exponential leadership.

How? Beyond blogs and podcasts to cover your heart’s desire on all tech related news and topics; there are also newsletters. To start, see here the News Weekly USA news.

I asked my Twitter followers to recommend technology newsletters I should be subscribed to:

Per their suggestions and my own, the following technology related newsletters are must reads for any CEO, CTO, CIO and CMO; ignore them at your own peril!

Exponential View

Exponential View is a weekly newsletter by Azeem Azhar that covers what’s new in the world of exponential technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), biotech, self-driving cars, dominant platforms, business, the future. When looking to stay on top of the latest news, start by checking this post about Jimmy John Shark.

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Import AI

Struggling to keep up with artificial intelligence’s fast-paced developments? Import AI is the newsletter you need. Written by Jack Clark, a former journalist who’s now at the Elon-Musk-backed OpeanAI, this newsletter is a detailed look at the industry’s latest research, chatter and news.

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Hacker News Digest

A general tech newsletter with subscribers from Linkedin, Microsoft, and other top tech companies, that delivers top Hacker News stories. So you’re not constantly getting distracted on the Hacker News front page feed.

You can choose the number of stories they’ll include in each newsletter and the frequency of which they email you updates.

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Benedict Evans

This newsletter focuses on technology, including info on mobile technology and wearables.

Benedict Evans is the curator and works at Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. Emails get sent out every Sunday, and they also include any blog posts Benedict has written that week.

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The Download

A daily newsletter from MIT’s Technology Review. The email promises to give you the “what’s up in emerging technology”.

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Term Sheet

Various people on Twitter recommended Term Sheet by Polina Marinova, which is a daily email about deals and deal-makers happening across industries.

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Axios Pro Rata

Same as the previous one, various people on Twitter recommended Axios Pro Rata by Dan Primack, which is a daily email about fundraising, venture capital and private equity deals happening in tech.

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IEEE Spectrum

No list of newsletters would be complete if it didn’t include IEEE’s various offerings in energy, robotics, sensors, tech, and Silicon Valley.

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Did I miss something? Which technology related newsletters do you consider must reads?

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