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How Not To Determine Whether Or Not An Idea is Worth Doing

“I’m not sure about this idea anymore.” Why? I asked. “Because I talked to two potential customers and they don’t seem interested”, she answered. This was a conversation I had with a friend who wants to find out whether or not an idea she has, a need she has, is worth pursuing.

40 Questions To Help You Stimulate Disruptive Thinking And Inspire Bold Action

Most brainstorming sessions suck! Why? Because they inspire creative thinking, challenge the status quo, and inspire bold action. The solution isn’t just bringing in outsiders who don’t think and act like you. It’s to ask provocative questions that drive your brainstorming efforts.

The Best Leaders Revel In Being Wrong

“I know the business.” The word, “know”, is the enemy of improvement and innovation. Innovation has many enemies, but experience and groupthink are its biggest. And because people run businesses, every single one of them will fall into the trap.

Great Leaders Are Consistently The Biggest Thinkers In The Room

As a leader, do you lead with courage? Are you challenging the status quo? Are you thinking big? These are important questions to reflect on because as a leader you set the tone. Do you want your team to think and act boldly? You have to think and act boldly.

8 Practices To Drive Innovation In Your Business

“We’ve been brainstorming ideas, but we haven’t decided on what to do”, “We brainstorm all the time but end up with the same ideas”, and “We brainstorm around ideas that only management wants”. Last week I visited a prospective client in the manufacturing industry, these are some of the things that they told me when I asked them about their innovation efforts.

Use These 20 Questions To Help Stimulate Innovative Thinking

Innovation is as much about attitude and perspective as it is about process. A big one for me is shifting perspective to stimulate innovation. So, how do you inject ‘perspective’ into your thinking? It all starts with a provocative question.