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The Progress Principle: The Power of Small Wins To Boost Employee Performance

The power of small wins isn’t just for individuals to take advantage of; it’s for teams too. In 2011, Harvard Professor, Teresa Amabile released a must-read book called The Progress Principle where she explores the power of small wins and meaningful progress in fueling motivation, creativity, and overall job satisfaction.

Grassroots Leadership: How Leaders Get People To Buy In and Own The Outcome

Michael Abrashoff is a former Navy Commander tasked with turning around the performance of the USS Benfold, a naval warship struggling to meet its performance targets. Abrashoff’s leadership style and strategies led to a significant turnaround in the ship’s performance, and his experience provides valuable lessons for leaders in any industry.

Inertia is The Silent Killer of Future Revenue Growth

Why do established companies fail? Because they fail to create the future. Two ways for a company to fail: One way is it sets ambitious plans and doesn’t meet them. But the second way is it sets plans that aren’t ambitious and needs them.

And, there are many reasons why they fail to do so, but there is one word under which you can put all those reasons under: inertia.

How To Manage People You Don’t Like

In the world of innovation, diversity of thought is necessary. Really, every business needs diversity of thought regardless of what business they’re in. Diversity of thought comes from diversity of experiences from people from all walks of life. Diversity of thought gives a team perspective, multiples ones, not just one. Naturally, this will create conflict. Not everyone will get along, and that’s just the way it goes most of the time.