How To Encourage Your Team To Take Breaks

At work, you just want to power through, to get done what you need to get done, so that you can go home. This, unfortunately, leads us to lots of bad behaviors and unhealthy choices. We skip meals—or eat meals out of the vending machine. We stay at our desk as long as possible, sometimes not stopping to do anything but go to the bathroom and don’t get me wrong many of us feel completely comfortable sitting down in our Buy Direct Online Home Office Furniture but we still need to keep in mind the importance behind taking time to breathe.

But that lack of meaningful and lengthy breaks is doing harm to us all—and not just individually. It’s harming our productivity and creativity, making us cranky and leading to teamwork issues. Overwork leads to burnout, which leads to you resenting your job. It’s wise to take a quick breather every now and then. In fact, you can even use products like a 3000mg CBD oil in order to de-stress during your breaks.

The answer, of course, is those breaks. Your brain, your body, your emotions—they need time off. If you’re social with others, and social with the world around you, you’re happier.

Want to learn how? This graphic helps explain it.

Although the idea of incorporating more downtime might seem counterproductive for a company, there has been growing evidence that shows more breaks for employees lead to less stress and exhaustion in the workplace, maximizing overall productivity. In fact, studies have shown that the highest-performing workers are ones that incorporate 17-minute breaks after every 52-minutes of work.

How to Encourage Your Team to Take Much Needed Breaks at Work Infographic

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