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When You’re In A Hole Focus On Solving Problems

We all go through it—rough patches, bumps on the road, times when nothing works as we’d like it to. Your business is failing, a deal falls through, and a key partnership doesn’t work out, you lose sight of the end goal and overspend on a key initiative. It happens. Sometimes we dig a hole we can’t seem to get out of and keep digging!

40 Questions To Help You Stimulate Disruptive Thinking And Inspire Bold Action

Most brainstorming sessions suck! Why? Because they inspire creative thinking, challenge the status quo, and inspire bold action. The solution isn’t just bringing in outsiders who don’t think and act like you. It’s to ask provocative questions that drive your brainstorming efforts.

The Best Leaders Revel In Being Wrong

“I know the business.” The word, “know”, is the enemy of improvement and innovation. Innovation has many enemies, but experience and groupthink are its biggest. And because people run businesses, every single one of them will fall into the trap.

Great Leaders Are Consistently The Biggest Thinkers In The Room

As a leader, do you lead with courage? Are you challenging the status quo? Are you thinking big? These are important questions to reflect on because as a leader you set the tone. Do you want your team to think and act boldly? You have to think and act boldly.

Building a Champion Mindset: The Power of a Confident Self-Image

What do Lebron James, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Jack Nicklaus, and Michael Jordan have in common? They are considered to be the best at what they do. How did they do that? Attitude, talent, discipline, and consistency; are the usual suspects. But you know what separates them from the rest? Their mindset, how they think, enables them to operate at peak performance.