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Focus on the Problem Customers Have, Not What the Competition is Doing

I recently had a conversation with a friend who owns a marketing agency. My friend, although very smart, has a very deep tendency to see what competitors are doing and is constantly reacting to what others do. This puts him, and his business, in a bad position. Most business leaders run their businesses the same way, looking at what others do.

How To Think What Nobody Else Thinks

Independent thinkers are highly valuable to both organizations and society. Breakthroughs in technology, new business models, and game-changing strategies don’t originate from conventional thinking. They originate from fresh and unconventional thinking. Thinking independently is crucial in today’s world where information is abundant and opinions are rampant.

7 Ways To Practice Unreasonable Hospitality

Investing in developing a unique customer experience is one of the most powerful strategies a business leader can use, and customer service is at the core of this. I recently read Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect by Will Guidara. The book delves into the philosophy and practice of going above and beyond in customer service. The book draws on Guidara’s extensive experience in the hospitality industry, particularly his time at Eleven Madison Park, a renowned restaurant in New York City.

Build Your Strategy Around These 12 Things That Won’t Change

Most businesses base their strategy on what is, rarely looking out into the future to consider what’s going to change. Better businesses look out into the future, embrace it, and base their strategy around it. The future is uncertain, it’s a range of possibilities, which makes it difficult to plan for. It’s why most business leaders want to know “What’s going to change in the future?”, it’s a common question. But, a better question is “What’s not going to change in the next ten years?”

5 Ways Leaders Can Tap Into Their Employees’ Full Potential

Wasted potential, it’s how most companies lose growth opportunities and operational and service improvements. It happens when leaders fail to tap into people’s potential. One way they do this is when they fail to recognize that some people have other skills and talents, not just hiring someone to follow a pre-determined process.

Will AI Make CEOs Obsolete?

Fast Company has an interesting question “Will AI make CEOs obsolete?“. A survey of CEOs found that 49% said “most” or “all” of their work should be replaced by artificial intelligence. The report, produced by online learning company edX, doesn’t directly answer the question but is worth considering.