Innovation Consulting For Enterprises And Startups

Helping Leadership Teams make Innovation Happen

How can I help you?

As an Innovation Insurgent, I’ve helped companies such as FedEx, TelVista, The Jumpitz, Tuni&G, Club Lia Kinder, IOS Offices and Chivas USA to plan and execute strategies to improve processes, create new capabilities, create new products and services; and launch them to market.


I’’ll help you discover opportunities, give them form, and turn them into something tangible that delivers impact.

We can work together in various ways:

  • I will help you find new opportunities for growth through existing or non-existing customers. New insights is what I’ll deliver.
  • I will come in and be a part of a brainstorming session and be a spark plug of new ideas.
  • I will come in for a day and present some new thinking and help your team apply it.
  • I will create and facilitate workshops on topics such as strategy and innovation to help you map out hot spots, ways to play and to win.
  • I will also work remotely with you to solve problems.
  • I will  develop a new knowledge network and ecosystem for you that will bring diversity of thinking as well as specialized resources that you can then bring into the mix.
  • I will develop a complete solution, strategies and ideas, I’ll help you become an expert on online networking
  • I will even come in and be part of your team for a few months if needed.
  • I will bring together resources from my own network of innovators, put a team together to identify new markets and tackle them.
  • I will bring my company into the mix to create a new customer experience with your team.


Let’s do a 30 minute Google Hangout where I’ll show you how I can help you.

Let’s play: