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Doubt, Not Fear, Is A Dream Killer

michael jordan

“Why should I worry about a shot I haven’t taken.” – Michael Jordan

Last week I wrote a post on how to overcome fear of failure and doubt. Some people asked me to unpack it a little bit more, so I’ll do that here for you. Fear of failure paralyzes people. I know more people that are paralyzed by fear than those who are not. But get this, all of them have some form of self-doubt.

Self-doubt, we all have had it at some point. To achieve anything, and give your best, you can have fear; but you can’t have doubt. The minute you have doubt you start overanalyzing things, thinking about the negative things of something. Doubt, not fear, is a dream killer. 

Fear is an instinct. Doubt is created by you. Fear can drive you, doubt drowns you. When you have fear you play to win. When you have doubt you play not to lose. When you play not to lose, you end up never playing your best.

So how do you overcome doubt?

You try, give your best, live with the results and learn.

There’s no magic formula, it’s a mindset and attitude. Personally, I’d rather not live with regret that I didn’t do this or that, tried this or that, than have a bunch of experiences and lessons from doing something.

I’ve always been fearless and had great confidence in myself. I can’t remember a time when I was truly fearful. But I can remember a few times when the voice of self-doubt stuck into my head. This happened in my mid-twenties, and it wasn’t fun.

I had a little bit of a perfectionist attitude when I was younger. I’ve never liked losing at anything. I still don’t. I dealt with that attitude by trying to control everything. I had a stretch in my life where everything went my way; I was always winning. And I became very arrogant because of this. One time I told my mom, “All I have to do is snap my fingers and shit happens for me”.

Yup, I was all up in my head.

But I changed my mindset when I things stopped going my way. As I started getting my hands into different interests, and things didn’t go my way, I started accumulating failures; aka lessons. Self-reflection, looking for answers, letting go of things and working on shutting down my self-critical voice pushed me through. Doubt has never been a big enemy for me. Self-criticism was my toughest enemy to defeat. I’m highly critical of myself and expect a lot of myself; and have made myself cry when I haven’t lived up to my expectations.

Losing sucks. But not trying sucks more for me. That’s why I’ve always followed my interests with complete disregard for what the end result could be. I’ve never seen my experiences as win or lose, rather as things I want to do; and whatever I do I give it my best.

We all know people who live their lives avoiding fear and pleasuring their self-doubt. They’ve basically surrendered to their self-doubt. Don’t be that person. Take action. Don’t let self-doubt dictate who you are and who you can become. It all comes down to your mindset and attitude. I can control my attitude. So can you. But we can’t worry about things that are out of our control.

Just do it.

Mamba Mentality: Embrace The Pain Of Getting Better Everyday

Kobe Bryant, NBA and Lakers legend, along wth his daughter Gianna and 7 others passed away last week. This was shocking. And I took it hard because I’ve been watching and following Kobe since before he got to the league; he became the player I followed the most after Michael Jordan retired. So I grew up with Kobe, and he was a big inspiration for me.

Obsession: The Difference Between Good and Great

Obsession beats talent

Illustration by Christian Laborin

Survival in the 21st century demands a ceaseless obsession with your customers and with the possibilities that new technologies can offer them. When hiring or collaborating, we want to work with the most talented people. But have you ever thought about the most obsessive? Unlike naturally talented people, the most obsessive will challenge you and make you better.

What’s the difference between crap and good enough?

What’s good and what’s crap? Why do celebrate crap? This is the topic of this week’s podcast, and a discussion on our journey through embracing crap making and coming out better for it.

I saying I repeat early and often is “Ok-ness is the enemy of greatness”. You see, most stuff that exists is good enough, and that goes for people too. 

Dare to be great

I really liked this talk by Keith Yamashita on . There a couple of things that resonated with me, first the need to resist the natural forces of society’s need for the status quo. Second, to maintain a childlike attitude full of curiosity and imagination. Third, the idea that innovation is about making people’s lives better and not about a companies bottom line.

His talk could’ve just as easily been called ‘Dare to be different’. Watch it Winking smile

Inspiration has no price



Great work is done by people who are not afraid to be great.” – Fernando Flores


This post was inspired by an interaction I had with a fellow down in Mexico and it reminded me that inspiration really has a price down here. Damn we have so much room for breakthrough!


My approach to everything is: You’re either great or your not. Period.


I have a poster in my room that reminds me of the importance of inspiration and delivering your best everyday. I also have a poster of a person whom I think embodies greatness in his craft and that man is Michael Jordan. Yet as powerful as inspiration is, a question I have trouble digesting is: Why is it that most people/businesses put inspiration in the backseat?


Commodities = no inspiration

Does doing your best work depend on the number on the check? Are you inspired more by a bigger number than the possibility of doing something unique? If it does then you’re a commodity my friend, it’s that simple, because anybody can do what you do and the only difference between you and someone else is your first and last name.


Being great means a lot of things but it doesn’t mean that ‘numbers’ determine your overall attitude. There’s no ‘if-then’ to do your best!


Labor has a price but inspiration? Please!

Do you think Picasso’s most famous paintings came from the thought that he might make more ‘numbers’ for it? Do you think Walt Disney was thinking about how much money he was going to make when he dreamed up Disneyland? Do you think Michael Jackson put a price on his songs before he produced them?


Don’t get me wrong getting paid your worth is important but there’s a BIG difference between ‘commodity thinking’ and ‘innovative thinking’ and that’s pure motivation, passion, inspiration. You don’t need to be pushed because you’re already pushing for something better!


Inspiration in a few places. Commodities everywhere.

Just like the offline world the web is full of commodities, how do we de-commoditize it? Here are some questions that may ring a bell!


  • Why is it that most products that are pushed to us through advertising are seen as irrelevant? Oh here’s a reason: Push = commodities.
  • Why is it that only a handful of products and services get our attention and we get pulled to them like a magnet? Oh here’s a reason: Pull = great stuff.


Conclusion: We pay attention to great stuff and usually it comes charged with an emotional appeal. It provokes!


Here then lies our challenge: How do we inspire greatness? How do we get people to think passion first numbers second? How do we create great stuff that provokes?


Closing thoughts…

Wooo! I needed to get that one off my chest and if you stuck around and made it all the way down here, I thank you!

You know we probably have better things to think about than this but I think most of the problems we encounter in the biz world (and everything else) have to do with lack of passion for what one does and more focus on the numbers. We’ve been programmed to think in terms of ‘make your numbers and thou shall be rewarded’ (how inspiring!) that passion gets flushed down the toilet!


Passion can’t be fabricated, it can’t be faked, it can’t be bought because it’s not a commodity. When one is inspired by what he does it shows, you attract attention, you provoke action, you bring out the best in others and all this turns into a virtuous cycle that keeps going and going and going and…


In writing this post I wrote down some questions that I ask myself unconsciously just like when I get a stomach ache when I encounter commodity behavior, without thinking. Feel free to add your own in the comments!


  • Do you bring your best everyday no matter what?
  • Do you make an impact?
  • Do you contribute to the bigger picture not just yourself?
  • Do you change the dynamics of the situation for the better?
  • Do you make others care?


Thanks for reading 🙂

Source: https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/bitcoin-evolution/