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Playing to Win: The Game-Changing Mindset

Imagine you’re playing a fun game of tag with your friends. When you play not to lose, it’s like you’re standing in one spot or just hiding behind a tree the whole time, hoping no one tags you. You’re trying to be safe, but you’re also missing out on a lot of the fun and exciting parts of the game.

The Key to High-Performing Teams: Culture and Three Essential Elements

Stepping into your first management role is seldom easy. The real challenge lies not just in managing tasks but in shaping and nurturing your team’s culture. Team culture significantly impacts performance. As research reveals, three distinct elements define high-performing teams: Common understanding, psychological safety, and prosocial purpose. Let’s delve into each.

The Creativity Conundrum: How Controlling Leaders Stifle Innovation

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, creativity is often heralded as the linchpin of innovation and progress. It’s the magical ingredient that differentiates the ordinary from the extraordinary, leading to breakthrough products, services, and strategies. However, not all organizational cultures foster this vital component. At the heart of such stifling environments, more often than not, lie controlling leaders.

Jeff Bezos on Two Different Kinds of Failure

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has often spoken about the nature of failure and innovation, especially in the context of his own company’s journey. He distinguishes between two different types of failure: “experimental” failures and “operational” failures.

The Double-Edged Sword: How Compromise Can Stifle Innovation

In the bustling hallways of business, a commonly heard word is “compromise.” Heralded as a necessary tool for successful collaboration, it’s often the bridge that connects differing opinions, resolving conflicts and smoothing out rough patches. But while compromise has its merits, particularly in team dynamics, it can cast a long and ominous shadow on the sacred ground of innovation.

12 Methods for Overcoming the Illusion of Expertise to Drive Innovation

In my last post, I wrote about how experience, expertise, is an enemy of innovation. The illusion of expertise, where years of experience create a mental roadblock to new ideas, can significantly hamper innovation. It doesn’t just apply to people but to groups; called groupthink, which is expert thinking on steroids!