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Focusing Your Energy: Finding Your Natural Thrive Zone

Where do you thrive? Some people thrive under pressure, others don’t. Personally, I like the intensity of pressure and uncertainty; I naturally look to put myself in those situations. And, when I was younger I thought everyone else should too. But, it doesn’t work that way. Some of us thrive in situations where we have to turn shit into sugar while others don’t.

10 Things That Build Your Team Culture: Key Ingredients for Success

Leadership is about enabling others to be great. The best leaders do this by creating an environment, a culture, where people can thrive. The best leaders know a strong team culture is a powerful asset that can propel a group of individuals to achieve remarkable results. It fosters collaboration, enhances communication, and cultivates a sense of belonging.

10 Things That Kill Your Team Culture: Recognizing and Addressing the Culprits

Yes, I’ve got another post about culture for you (actually two, incoming in the next post after this one). A strong team culture is the foundation of a high-performing and harmonious team. However, certain negative behaviors and attitudes can slowly erode that culture, leading to dysfunction and a decline in productivity.

Bet On People With These Traits If You Want Innovation

Innovation, that mythical activity that results in both incremental and exponential progress gets a lot of attention in the business press. From small business leaders to corporate leaders, they all want it in some way; but most don’t know what it is and how it actually happens.

Use These 3 tactics To Keep an Open Mind and Avoid Confirmation Bias

A few years ago I read Think Like a Rocket Scientist, which is very practical and bursting with insights on how to think better in order to solve problems and achieve your goals. The author, Ozan Varol, is a former rocket scientist. Varol’s insights are based on his own personal journey as well as his extensive research on problem-solving and creativity.