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Beyond the Echo Chamber: Breaking Free and Thinking for Yourself

Ask Elon. Read what Elon is saying. It seems to me that’s how people get their insights nowadays. Easy. Want to know what’s hard? Forming your own point of view and thinking for yourself. It’s hard because you have to do the work.

Use These 3 tactics To Keep an Open Mind and Avoid Confirmation Bias

A few years ago I read Think Like a Rocket Scientist, which is very practical and bursting with insights on how to think better in order to solve problems and achieve your goals. The author, Ozan Varol, is a former rocket scientist. Varol’s insights are based on his own personal journey as well as his extensive research on problem-solving and creativity.

10 Tactics I Use to Keep an Open Mind and Avoid Confirmation Bias

Want to make better decisions? Ask yourself why you keep constantly making bad ones. Ok, it’s not that simple; but this is an example of an approach to short-circuit our habitual ways of thinking. One way we impede ourselves from making better decisions is confirmation bias.

Using Pre-Suasion to Influence Others: A Guide to Changing Minds

Changing someone’s mind can be a daunting task, but it is a necessary one for anyone who wants to influence others. Whether you are trying to persuade a colleague to support your project, a client to buy your product or a friend to change their behavior, you need to be able to present your ideas in a compelling way.