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Companies should penalize employees for their inaction, not for their failures

How can you boost innovation in your business? Penalize inaction, and celebrate failure. Successful creatives are not afraid of mistakes or failure: they know that good ideas often arise from tireless experimentation and a chain of failed attempts. People who avoid mistakes and failures suffocate all potential innovation. Unmindful of this, many companies punish their […]

How Google decides who to hire, and so can you

There’s a reason everyone wants to work at Google. They solve hard problems, know how to hire and retain the brightest people, give them power and keep them happy. Though, for most people work is a means to an end: a way to make a buck. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The core ingredients behind Andres Carne De Res unique customer experience

Mimes, live performances, actors, face painting activities, exotic drinks, a climbing wall…an art performance, right? Nope. It’s a restaurant in Bogota. But calling it a restaurant is an understatement; it’s an experience. Ask anyone about their experience with Andres Carne De Res and they will talk about the experience they had first, then the food. […]

In business, you change with the times or flame out

How is the world going to look like in 5 to 10 years? Unfortunately the average Joe doesn’t ask himself this question. Rather, people go about their daily lives without putting any thought as to how their lives will be different in the future. This includes people working in service industries like transportation; such as […]

The Seven Deadly Realities of Human Nature

What obstacles stand in the way of greatness? Being someone that is on the path of Mastery, I’m in tune with the obstacles that can impede me from achieving Mastery. So, anyone who’s overcome obstacles on the path to Mastery is interesting to me. It’s also one the reasons why I’m a HUGE fan of Robert […]

Does the Internet Inspire Or Stifle Creativity?

Here’s an interesting question, does the internet threaten creativity or nurture it?, It depends on how you look at it. When we think about the internet, we think of many things: websites, blogs, social networks, social media, etc.. All these components of the internet let us express ourselves in one way or another, connect with […]

Customer discovery never stops

Whether you are optimizing exiting products or services, creating something new, or rethinking your entire business, as a business leader, what’s one thing you can count on to deliver new and unexpected insights?