An authentic way to stand out is to have a point of view

These pictures are from the border crossing between San Ysidro and Tijuana. This is Tijuana a few steps after you cross the border and this building is full of auto import agencies. There’s 18 of them and they all sell the same stuff, advertise the same way, operate the same way and talk the same way. The only recognizable difference between them is the name of their business, the font they use and the colors. Is that all there is?

I imagine anybody who comes through here must think the same thing: Which one do I…what?! To prove my point I sat at a table across the street for a couple of hours and went to work to see how many people ‘cared’ to come in. Afterwards I went in and acted as if I were looking to import my own car, I only visited 6 of them but that was enough: My conclusion is: how are these people in business?






This is a textbook example of having no distinct point of view. When you have the same point of view as everybody else, everything you do and say is going to be like the guy next to you. Sure any of these businesses can try a handful of marketing tactics to get people to walk through their doors but any smart customer will look around and see that the only noticeable difference between the ‘offers’ is price. Hence these businesses are locked-in a lowest bidder businesses. Where’s the real value?

An authentic way to stand out is to have a point of view since most folks stand for nothing more than the same. So if the guy next to you has a ‘boring point of view’ that’s you cue!