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Why is The C-suite Divided On Generative AI?

Generative AI is here to stay. And as has been the case in the past, it’s being driven by startups. The late adopters? Corporations. According to a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) survey of 2,000 global executives, more than 50% still discourage Generative AI adoption. Why?

Four Visions of the Future of Work

New America and Bloomberg have come together to convene Shift: The Commission on Work, Workers, and Technology, with the goal of analyzing theories of the future of work. In a new report drawn from discussions with leaders in technology, business, policy, and culture as well as those whose livelihoods are already being affected by automation, the commission outlines four possible future economies: some with more work and some with less, some focused on task-based work and some oriented around traditional jobs.