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Failure is a Vehicle for Learning

Failure is a Vehicle for Learning

Have you failed? I have, many times. And I proudly say it because it’s part of my journey. I would feel mediocre if I didn’t have the setbacks I’ve had. Anything I’ve done that has worked happened because I learned from the mistakes of others and my own; not because I followed some “success script”.

Leaders Must Grow People; Here Are 6 Ways To Do It

6 Ways Leaders Help People Grow

This is a guest post by Francisco Ramirez, CEO of The ACE Group; a customs broker, warehouse operator and ecommerce fulfillment provider that helps merchants reduce their fulfillment costs. This post was originally published on their blog.

The biggest challenge for new leaders is shifting their minds from doing the work themselves to doing it through others. This is why the most important job of every leader is to grow people; leaders deliver results through others. How do leaders grow people?

Give Poeple Wings, Not Keep Under Your Wings

Bad leaders keep people dependent on them. Great leaders unleash people

Bad managers, good managers, great managers. What’s the difference? I understood the distinction when I was 18 years old. I worked at FedEx Ground, and I was protected by my Manager because I made him look good as a result of my breaking rules that hadn’t been broken but were bottlenecks to unrealized value; I unlocked that value by systematically breaking them!

One Perspective is No Perspective

how to escape the echo chamber

We’re all biased, so biased that we love to hang out with people who think like us, read stuff that we agree with and do stuff we like to do. It’s all good and well, but what we get in enjoyement we lose in perspective; because that one perspective that we hold isn’t the complete picture of life.

Make It Easy To Work With You

make it easy

In the world of product design, your goal as the designer is to make the product easy to understand and use. People will get frustrated, anxious, angry and just leave it if it’s not easy to use. Similarly, organizations have to be designed to be to be easy to work with for employees, customers, partners and providers. Of course, most aren’t.

Creative Contrarian: 20 Strategies To Boost Your Creativity

The Creative Contrarian

Creativity, the more you use it the more you get it. It’s an indispensable skill, one that all of us have but stop using as we get older. There is a popular myth and only certain people are curious, for example artists, but it’s not true; everyone is creative in their own way. What is also true? Some people stay creative, in spite of the environment they work in, because they want to; that’s the difference.

What Strategy Is: A Lesson From Southwest Airlines

Southwest airlines strategy

What is strategy? When done well, it describes how an organization wins; and serves as a guide to behavior in the day to day operations of the organization. Getting to this point is not easy, crafting strategy is hard. So hard that most company’s strategies are just more of the same; choosing to be a follower rather than a leader. All followers fall into the same strategy traps, and have to pay for it by competing on a race to the bottom.