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Unlocking Complex Ideas: The Magic of the ELI5 Method

In today’s world of complex technologies, intricate philosophies, and vast information, it’s easy to get lost in jargon and dense explanations. But what if there was a way to make even the most complex ideas easy to understand? Enter the ELI5 Method, your bridge between confusion and clarity.

Does ChatGPT Make You Smarter?

Does ChatGPT help make a person smarter? Let’s not get it twisted, ChatGPT or any of the other large language models are not perfect; they sometimes put out information that isn’t true. But, are they useful? Yes, they are. And, what makes them useful is the framing of the prompt; so garbage in, garbage out. Inputs determine outputs.

What Alfred P. Sloan Can Teach You About How Being a Listener Makes You a Better Leader

Contrary to popular belief, great leaders are not the best communicators because they talk a lot; but because they listen more than they talk. Listening is a superpower. Here’s a short story on how Alfred P. Sloan led the transformation of General Motors with a listening-driven mindset.

Closing the Gap Between Leaders and Their Teams

Closing the Gap Between Leaders and Their Teams

For an organization to work efficiently, there must be a good and strong relationship between the team and its leader. Chiyin Chen’s study on ‘Transformational Leadership’ shares that this relationship creates better work outcomes and boosts employee satisfaction. When a leader can articulate their vision and inspire their team – employees are more driven to put in the work and invest in their relationships within the organization.

Make It Easy To Work With You

make it easy

In the world of product design, your goal as the designer is to make the product easy to understand and use. People will get frustrated, anxious, angry and just leave it if it’s not easy to use. Similarly, organizations have to be designed to be to be easy to work with for employees, customers, partners and providers. Of course, most aren’t.