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What are the common sources of resistance to change?

Scott Berkun has a great quote about resistance to ideas: The default state of an idea is non-adoption. Reflecting on this quote, it useful to consider why that is so. For many reasons, people, in any arena, will resist change. That is just the way it is, so it is best to expect it. While too […]

Getting the small things right is a first step towards innovation

Nobody likes to be rejected. But, there are times when you know you’ve provided value by facilitating clarity. This happened to me recently… Last week I had a meeting with a very public mexican CEO, where we talked about innovation and its various forms. He clearly wants to innovate in various areas, but was honest […]

Strategy is hard. Innovation is harder

By now, you should know that I don’t sugarcoat it. No recipes, frameworks, or any other method with promises of a silver bullet. No BS here about how easy it is. With that said, here is another anecdote for you… Yesterday we visited a prospect, we talked about how we could help them make some […]

10 ways leaders can ignite innovation

Here is a short article I wrote for a Mexican Business Magazine that will be published in a few weeks. What would happen if your company could innovate consistently? This is a worthy challenge, and, one not many can meet. But, if you have the will and drive, you will. Innovation is the only source […]

No strategy is foolproof

Anytime I meet with Presidents, VP’s or just the business owners of a company, I come in with no expectations whatsoever. I aim to be surprised. So, last week when I met with the President of an innovative construction company in Mexico, I was surprised. I consider this company to be innovative because they developed […]

Why it’s very hard to say no…yet very important

#Strategy is a choice. No company can be all things to all people and still win. – @rogerlmartin — Jorge Barba (@jorgebarba) February 6, 2013   I firmly believe that strategy is about making choices. I didn’t have to read it in a book or sit down with Michael Porter to come to this conclusion. […]

What are the big unanswered, but answerable, questions when it comes to innovation?

This is the seventh of a series of weekly posts where I will answer a few common questions about innovation. Please feel free to add your own response. Also, if you have any questions you think we should discuss, let me know. Last week Michael Raynor, of Deloitte and author of  The Strategy Paradox, contacted […]