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Deadly innovation sin: Depend on customers to tell you what your next product / service will be

Want to know why innovation is so hard? Though the vast majority of companies do some kind of market research, it isn’t enough because whatever insight is gleaned from it is lagging by the time a formal report is made. Instead, companies need to go deeper and step into customer’s lives. A good part of […]

What does it take to change people’s minds?

Most companies, as well as individuals, suck at innovation because they suck at change. Why? First and foremost, succeeding at change requires open mindedness because if you aren’t open to new ideas how can you expect others to be open to yours.

A simple piece of advice on how to disrupt yourself

40% of today’s Fortune 500 companies will be gone in ten years:

The Difference Between Customer Needs and Wants

Understanding the difference between a customer’s wants and needs is a major key to succeeding in business. Often what a customer wants is diametrically opposed to what they need. As a businessperson, your job is to give the customer what they want. Helping them to understand what they need is also important. However, it’s not […]

New Disruption Study: How entrepreneurship is driving corporate reinvention

With the inevitable rise of entrepreneurship and startups driving customer innovation, incumbent companies have begun adopting some of their techniques to either catch up or really stimulate transformation within the enterprise. A recent report by BPI Network called “Start-Up Innovation: Inspiring Business Transformation,” examines the impact of digital disruption on global enterprises and markets. The […]

Without great leadership there is no innovation

What does a culture of innovation look like? It’s a question I discussed on a previous blog post but elaborated further on the Culture Radio podcast by Be Furniture…

6 of the most common strategy traps

Strategy without change is pointless, and doing what everyone else is doing is not a strategy; it’s a key principle most business people don’t get. Take the most common advice you hear out there: don’t limit yourself to niche market; you won’t make any money.