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The Importance of a Diverse C-Suite

the importance of a diverse c suite

Diversity has always been essential to the culture and success of any organization. Not only does it promote difference and authenticity amongst its employees, but it allows for greater collaboration between unique minds, experiences, and values. Unfortunately, however, our organizations and their relative leadership teams aren’t always representative of the world we live in and for that reason, they may remain stagnant and struggle for growth.

To Drive Innovation Don’t Just Invite Ideas — Be Open To Change

To Drive Innovation Don’t Just Invite Ideas — Be Open To Change

Every organization, of any size, has a culture. Whether it was defined at the start or it wasn’t; it has one. Congratulations if you took the time to define it at the start, because most founders don’t take the time to do it and find themselves defining one when they’ve been in business for many years.

How To Work With People Who Don’t Care As Much As You Do

How To Work With People Who Don't Care As Much As You Do

Are you annoyed by co-workers who are not as passionate as you are about your job? Who, by your standards, don’t care as much as you do about their jobs? Oh yes! Those of use who are passionate about what we do have a different energy and vibe; it overflows from us. But there aren’t too many of us who come to work ready to make a dent in the universe.

Being Wrong Is Not A Bad Thing, It’s A Good Thing

Legends are not defined by their successes. They are defined by how they bounce back from their failures.

Last week I wrote about how to take the sting out of failure. Today, I want to share with you snipet of a speech on success and how failure drives it. It all starts with mistakes, we’re taught in school (this needs to change) that giving wrong answers and making mistakes is bad. And it continues on to our jobs and our daily lives, society as a whole would rather never make mistakes than to make them.