If You Can’t Out-Think, Out-Care

care moreRecently I had some issues with one of the internal fans on mi laptop, which will turn 5 years old in November; so I’m not surprised one of the fans stopped working properly. The problem is the internal components no longer exist because my laptop is a late 2012 model of the HP 15 Envy. So what did I do?

I took the laptop to a local tech repair shop to see if they can fix the fan itself thinking it needs to be readjusted. The technician said he believed he could fix it with some time so I left it there for a day. So the next day I pick it up, and notice the fan is working properly. Great! I take it back home and the fan starts acting up a few hours later; disappointed I decide to take the laptop back on the weekend. If you need quick home appliance repair service, then you can read this content and get best repair service.

A few days later I arrive at the tech shop early in the morning, tell the technician the problem came back. The technician asks me if I can leave the laptop there and come back 8 hours later; I oblige. This is the part that sucks: when I come back 8 hours later, they’ve not even touched my laptop. I had to wait for the guy to arrive and then wait a few hours more for him to tell me that I needed to buy a replacement fan that fits the model.

In total I’ve gone back and forth 6 times. I’ve since found a vendor in China who has a fan that fits the HP Envy 15, so I’m waiting on it to arrive.

Care More

One of my values both as a person and in every venture that I’ve had is thoughtfulness; being considerate of other people’s time and needs. So I was expecting to have some news when I came back after the tech repair shop asked me to leave my laptop for a full day and come back later; to find out they hadn’t worked on my laptop.

That’s not being considerate of my time; or anyone’s.

This is a really minuscule thing but if you’re a busy person you want to be efficient with your time. What this tech repair shop could’ve done to be more thoughtful is call me before I went over there. Also, they could’ve told me they found the part online and asked me if I wanted them to purchase it for me; that would’ve been surprising!

But none of that happened.

This is not an isolated incident that only happens with this tech repair shop; it happens everyday in every industry. The bottom line is most businesses today are not yet prepared to compete in the Next Economy in terms of developing or using technology to transform how they do what they do. But, what they can do is care more; this is how you create and maintain loyal customers.

As a business leader, remember that customers don’t care if you’re innovative or not, they only care that you help them. And they’ll remember the experience they had with you; it’s up to you to make their experience a positive or negative one.

In a world that’s dominated by tech companies the ability to out-think everyone is prized above everything else. But the more technologically advanced society becomes, the more we have to go back to the basic fundamentals of human communication and remember to have more empathy; that will never become a commodity.

Remember, if you can’t out-think, out-care.