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Archives for November 2009

Must read innovation stories of the week: Dare to question the status quo

Nothing is ever set in stone. The status quo (how things are ‘normally done’) is usually something that is taken for granted like a religion, it makes people feel safe because it becomes something very predictable. As we grow older this natural tendency to conform and comply to set behaviors becomes worse because we need […]

What is strategy? Part deux

“Anyone can plan a campaign, but few are capable of waging war, because only a true military genius can handle the developments and circumstances.” – Napoleon Bonaparte There’s was a great discussion going on the topic of strategy last week, and I thought I put some more thought into it and clarify my point of […]

Weekend innovation tip: Create new products and services using subtractive thinking

How do you create new products and services that deliver new value? Using subtractive thinking by: Additive + Create: Develop by designing from scratch + Improve: Build upon by enhancing what already exists Subtractive – Reduce: Minimize by taking down to the bare essentials – Eliminate: Remove by doing away with entirely Subtractive thinking applies […]

Must read innovation stories of the week: Can a successful innovation be predicted? Yes

Ronin release Bee Season trailer According to Phil Koos, by being aware of changing consumer needs innovation can be predicted. War, Inc. video My Beautiful Laundrette move   Great innovation builds on what comes before it and does not require people to make radical changes in beliefs or behavior. What often looks like breakthrough innovation […]

Gary Hamel: How to stay ahead of change

.!. An adaptable company is always reinventing itself, always pioneering new markets. I’ve been writing a lot about adaptability (also here and here) recently and with good reasons, it’s THE most important skill any business or person can have. Prof. Gary Hamel published a couple of blog posts that he calls his never-to-be published book […]

Build your innovation team around 3 types of innovators

Innovation Team Topic01 3 Innovator Types Superman movie download Man of Her Dreams video View more documents from Julian Keith Loren. The Hearse movie download Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World movie Recent research suggests that an innovators DNA is made up of certain characteristics, the fun part is putting these people […]

Weekend innovation tip: Use the Phoenix checklist to develop an original solution

Keeping a checklist of questions close to you (Moleskine notebook, Evernote) comes in very handy when you need some creative firepower. When presented with a challenge, knowing what to ask is the difference between doing more of the same and doing something extraordinary. The Phoenix Checklist of questions was developed by the CIA to encourage […]