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Top 20 Innovation posts of the week: Smartfailing

Thanks to all the people who share links there was lots of content this week so the list ended up being longer than usual, all worth reading.


  1. Smartfailing – a new concept for learning through failure by
  2. – NY Times
  3. Sometimes Success Begins at Failure — HBS Working Knowledge via
  4. Survey Reveals Corporations With Centralized Innovation Departments More Likely to Have Focused Efforts via  
  5. Ideas are far more glamorous compared to the actual execution: Vijay Govindarajan via    
  6. The efficient use of ideas by
  7. Managers who understand how artists work will have a distinct advantage via  
  8. Idea Deficit Disorder – Stopping the Epidemic by
  9. Innovation ‘ s Biggest Paradox
  10. Try Something New: Experiments Can Lead to Success by
  11. Innovators field guide to finding unmet customer needs
  12. Quarterly Earnings Kill People-Based Innovation… – Fast Company
  13. The Idea or The Execution? Here’s What The Greatest Minds in Tech Say
  14. Beyond Stage-Gate: A new approach for innovation by
  15. Six Secrets to Creating a Culture of Innovation – HBR
  16. Innovation & the Status Quo: The perils of groupthink, stereotyping and system justification by
  17. Getting Down to the Business of Creativity — HBS Working Knowledge
  18. Creativity Matters by
  19. True Leaders Are Also Managers by
  20. ‘Ideacide’ (or 14 Ways to Kill Creativity) – OPEN Forum

Must read innovation stories of the week: Dare to question the status quo

Nothing is ever set in stone.

The status quo (how things are ‘normally done’) is usually something that is taken for granted like a religion, it makes people feel safe because it becomes something very predictable. As we grow older this natural tendency to conform and comply to set behaviors becomes worse because we need life to be more predictable, but the truth is we live in a world that’s in constant flux where nothing ever stays the same.

To counter this we must call on our inner child (yes we all have it and it’s still there). As a child everything was to be discovered, questioning the world around them is something very natural. We never stopped asking ‘WHY’.

Do you know It’s because of their never ending attempt to getting to the truth.

And just like a kid to whom everything is new, we too must regain our sense of wonder by questioning how the world is supposed to work. If we truly want to change the world we have to questions the status quo.

When was the last time you dared question the status quo?



Must read innovation stories of the week: Everything you need to know about innovation

Innovation is difficult to do. There are numerous books out there about innovation that teach you a certain aspect on how to innovate yet are clearly written for experts.

Richard Watson put together a well written comprehensive article about innovation that any person can understand. Read it, share it with your team, discuss it and accept that if you want to create anything new you’re bound to fail more than a few times.

There is no magic formula!



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