Gary Hamel: How to stay ahead of change


An adaptable company is always reinventing itself, always pioneering new markets.

I’ve been writing a lot about (also and ) recently and with good reasons, it’s THE most important skill any business or person can have. Prof. Gary Hamel published a couple of blog posts that he calls his never-to-be published book on , it is separated into 6 chapters of which here are the main ideas of each:


  1. It’s hard to out-run the future if you don’t see it coming.
  2. To change an organization you must first change minds.
  3. To give up the bird in the hand you must first see a flock in the bush.
  4. Nimble and quick beats big and beefy.
  5. Surrender your freedoms reluctantly; guard your liberties diligently.
  6. You have to build adaptability into your company’s DNA.

Green Eyed Monster film

Are you meeting change head on or are you staying ahead of it?