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Innovation Killer: Leave Your Innovation Team Alone If You Want Great Ideas

how leaders enable innovationAs a leader, to enable innovation in your teams, you need to create the conditions necessary for innovation to happen. That means setting bold goals, providing support and getting out of the way; but it isn’t easy.

A common innovation challenge inside established organizations is getting out of people’s way to let them put their talent to use and develop ideas that could change the course of the company.

A common strategy that is executed to overcome this challenge is to create a dedicated innovation team, one that doesn’t work on core business challenges; rather it is given time to find the next revolution by letting them play with ideas.

Build your innovation team around 3 types of innovators

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Recent research suggests that an is made up of certain characteristics, the fun part is putting these people together in a team and letting the sparks fly. Companies such as design powerhouse IDEO are know to have diverse types of people on their teams to source ideas from different points of views which not only helps in having a ton of ideas but also in finding converging ideas.

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In the presentation above Julian Keith Loren presents an interesting approach to building an innovation team by separating the specialists from the generalists.

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