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15 Ways To Earn Your Boss’s Trust

As a leader, we all have people we rely on more than others. People who we’ll gladly pass the ball to because we know they will push it across the finish line no matter what. People we would love to clone. Who are these people, and makes them special? Liz Wiseman, author of Multipliers, calls these people Impact Players: Indispensable colleagues who can be counted on in critical situations and who consistently receive high-profile assignments and new opportunities.

For innovation: culture trumps office design

blu maya at ios offices tijuana

Blu Maya office at IOS Offices Tijuana

Innovation Labs, either accelerators or corporate bunkers, are now becoming commonplace. As a result, workspace design is booming.

Browse around the web, and you’ll quickly see articles about startups that have designed their workspace to resemble their culture. For established companies trying to create a culture of innovation, this means copying the same design mantra of most startups, but more interesting is how they are using gimmicks to get people to collaborate.

Up there with “innovation”, “lean startup”and “design thinking”, the latest word to make it to buzzword-bingo is “Lab”. Whatever you think the definition of a Lab is, it is not what you think. I see them more as a workspace that let’s people collaborate right there on the spot, not at an offsite space where only a special few congregate. If a company calls their workspace a lab, it means anyone can take their gear, desk, and move it to be close to their collaborators.

This means that what in the corporate world used to mean that the R&D guys were the ones responsible for creating the future (aka innovation), they no longer hold the distinction of being the official innovators. No longer is everyone else, just everyone else.

No, today innovation is everyone’s job.