Tim Grover: The Language of Winning

Everyone knows who Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are. But, do you know who was their trainer throughout their careers? Their trainer was Tim Grover. Tim knows a lot about winning from having spent so much time with the best of the best athletes.

With that knowledge, Tim has laid out his lessons training the best of the best in his book Relentless and now W1nning: The Unforgiving Race To Greatness. This book, as he describes it, is a distillation about how his athletes describe winning; and the mindset and attitude it takes to be a constant winner.

Though Tim trained athletes across various sports, his knowledge applies to any domain. I’ve read the book and highly recommend it.

In the video below, Patrick Bet-David of Valuetainment, interviews Tim Grover:

Below are Tim Grover’s 13 Principles for Winning:

Tim Grover The Language of Winning