What is One Skill You Think Everyone Should Learn?

What is one skill you think everyone should learn? Have a seen a version of this question going around Twitter for the last few weeks. The question is subjective, and so is the answer anyone gives, because it’s not very specific. For what purpose? To accomplish what? In what context? For ones whole life? You get the idea…

I’ll answer this question from the perspective of what I encourage here: change the game and be unstoppable in anything you do with your life.

With that said, for me there isn’t just one skill; but more of a Holy Trinity of Skills: curiosity, critical thinking and empathy.

Each of these skills will always be of high value. Let’s look at each…

  1. Curiosity. Yes, curiosity is a skill. We’re all born with it but lose it exponentially as we get older. Curiosity drives creativity, another skill we’re all born with but make less use of as we get older. Curiosity keeps your mind fluid, moving, instead of static. A static mind stays the same, while a fluid one shapes and adapts. The ability to reinvent yourself comes from a deep desire to keep learning about yourself, and about everything and anything. The future is created by the radically curious, be a learn-it-all; not a know-it-all.
  2. Critical thinking. It’s become a lost art, but the ability to question what is and formulate your own thoughts is powerful. Put simply, critical thinking leads to thinking clearly and better decisions.
  3. Empathy. Anything you do will require you to work with other people. Become a student of human nature, your emotions and of others. This is the path to influence, which is a powerful skill for anything you do.

For me, curiosity, critical thinking and empathy are the basic skills everyone needs to thrive in whatever it is they do.

What do you think, what is one skill you think everyone should learn?

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