Mindset Is Everything

I have a deep rooted passion for learning, and one thing I’ve thought about since I was a kid is that I’ll still be sharp minded and productive way into my senior years; that’s a life goal of mine.

I didn’t get this goal from anyone, I just came up with a vision of what I want to be doing when I’m older. With that said, I believe you are responsible for your own evolution. You have to be in a constant state of becoming. This attitude is about mindset, a growth mindset: one that is never satisfied, is driven by curiosity and taking on new challenges.

For example, the woman in the video below learned to program when she was 81 years old!


This is amazing! This is growth mindset in action. People with a growth mindset don’t wait for life to happen, they make life happen.

One of the main challenges of the Next Economy is upskilling. People like the woman in the video are better positioned to create options for themselves because they’re driven to learn by themselves; they’re responsible for their own evolution. They understand that you either drive progress or are outpaced by it. People who are learn-it-all’s are best prepared to deal with uncertainty, with technological displacement, with the future of work.

Bottom line: To shift to a growth mindset you have to challenge your own limitations and your own expectations of yourself. The future belongs to the learn-it-all’s, people who never stop learning. Evolve or die.