What To Do When You Fail

Last year I wrote about dealing with failure. I’ve experienced it a handful of times; we all have. As an entrepreneur, the main message is that you should expect it. Losing, making mistakes, it’s part of life. It happens to all of us. And those that don’t experience failure aren’t really living their best life; they’re content with simply sticking to a safe and predictable routine.

Check out this short video from the Jocko Willink podcast about what to do when you fail:

Other than death, all failure is psychological. Think about that. If you’re not dead, you’re still in the fight. You get a chance to start over again much smarter. Because what you’ve gained from failing is perspective, lessons, feedback, motivation.

What I’ve gained from making mistakes and failing is knowledge about how something works and why it doesn’t work in a certain way. Which then gives me perspective to start over again more clearly than before.

The point is that failure is inseparable from innovation, from getting out of your comfort zone, from doing something you’ve never done before. And to move forward you have to think about failure differently; think about it as learning. Because we will all fail. But true failure is not doing something with what you’ve learned. Failure is completely giving up; dying in a sense.

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