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The NBA Finals started yesterday. The young Oklahoma City Thunder versus the veteran Miami Heat. Who’s the favorite? The younger and inexperienced team, the Thunder, are favorite to win.

How did they get to this point? How does a young and inexperienced team become a favorite to win a series against the likes of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade? How does a team become a contender in less than four years?

I think the clue lies in how their coach, Scott Brooks, frames failure:

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How do you begin to develop an innovative mindset?

How do you take innovation into practice? It all starts with habits. And these habits, are not the ones you do on a daily basis. Spend 6 hours of your day in meetings? Putting out fires? Responding to excessive email? Obsessively checking up on competitors?

Nope. Those are the habits that you have to replace with “innovation breeding habits”.

What habits are these?

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