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The NBA Finals started yesterday. The young Oklahoma City Thunder versus the veteran Miami Heat. Who’s the favorite? The younger and inexperienced team, the Thunder, are favorite to win.

How did they get to this point? How does a young and inexperienced team become a favorite to win a series against the likes of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade? How does a team become a contender in less than four years?

I think the clue lies in how their coach, Scott Brooks, frames failure:

Why don’t more people disrupt themselves?

I spotted this tweet by fellow Renegade @stevekoss in response to this tweet by @wadhwa:

One word: Inertia. But I also think it’s because people don’t know what reinvention even means. And since reinvention doesn’t happen in a heart beat, people have a hard time identifying anything that changed for the better.

4 Innovation Lessons from the Miami Heat

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If you’re a fan of basketball, competition and innovation, you will enjoy this. Before the start of the NBA season, ESPN published a fascinating article about how the Miami Heat’s offense will be reinvented. As you might remember, the Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks in the last year’s NBA Finals.

After the loss, the Heat’s Head Coach, Erik Spoelstra had a lot of time to think about how we would reinvent his team. His answer: Study the Oregon Ducks spread offense to see how he could apply the same principles to create a fast-paced basketball offense.

How might an offense that’s powered by dynamic players be reinvented?