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Interview: My thoughts on the power of innovation

A few months ago I was interviewed by Media Shower about my thoughts on innovation. Here are the questions and my answers about the origin of the Game-Changer blog, my background, how companies can foster free thinking and the development of new ideas, recruit creative thinkers and how anyone can learn to think innovatively.

Innovation posts of the week: Are you an innovator?

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Innovation posts of the week: Game Changers


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Must read innovation stories of the week: Everything you need to know about innovation

Innovation is difficult to do. There are numerous books out there about innovation that teach you a certain aspect on how to innovate yet are clearly written for experts.

Richard Watson put together a well written comprehensive article about innovation that any person can understand. Read it, share it with your team, discuss it and accept that if you want to create anything new you’re bound to fail more than a few times.

There is no magic formula!



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