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The Future of Ecommerce

eCommerce Marketing: Essential Tactics

There can always be more sales.

That’s the mantra of any successful eCommerce store. But to get more sales, you need to do more marketing.

If you’re low on ideas, or just want a little inspiration, read on. We’ve got twenty solid eCommerce marketing tactics for you to try right now.

What is eCommerce marketing?

eCommerce marketing describes a range of activities undertaken to promote your eCommerce store. The best eCommerce marketing programs include both online and offline marketing tactics, and account for all stages of the funnel, from awareness to consideration to purchase, and finally, retention.

eCommerce marketing is critical to get right. If you’re not trying every tactic out there, you’re potentially leaving money on the table!

Essential eCommerce marketing tactics

Below, we share today’s best eCommerce marketing tactics, from classic ones that still deliver to trendier options and ideas we bet you haven’t considered yet, try out an affiliate agency that provides automated results.

Experiment with them to drive traffic, boost sales, and increase your customer loyalty!

1. Up and cross sell with product recommendations

When a customer is already primed to buy, that’s the perfect time to suggest they either a) level-up the product they’re considering, or b) purchase other related items so they can really get the most out of their purchase. This is where up selling and cross-selling come in.

Up selling is a great choice for brands that have larger or more expensive versions of their products, like computers or even makeup.

When customers are close to the purchase stage of the buyer journey, you can up sell to them with larger sizes or premium versions of the product.

Cross selling can work for any brand. Review your product inventory and customer purchasing data to see which items are most frequently purchased together. Then suggest those products in a related items carousel and watch your cart totals tick up. Here’s an example from REI:

Don’t miss those cross-sell opportunities! Make sure your store has a ‘People also bought these items’ box.

2. Make dreams come true with wish lists

Those related items carousels can also be good fodder for your customers’ wish lists. Add wish list functionality to your site so customers can add items they’re interested in, even if they’re not ready to purchase just yet.

Then, nudge them along with emails that remind them of items in their wish list, notify them when they’re running low or back in stock, or—happiest of days—when they’ve gone on sale.

Bonus points if you make your wish lists shareable. Amazon is the king of this eCommerce marketing strategy, with their collaborative wish lists. With a shareable list, your customers can share their wish lists to social media, driving brand awareness and interest in your products. Best of all, you’ll earn new visitors as their friends and family come to purchase items for them.

Amazon enables users to build collaborative wish-lists. This enables your followers to spread the word about what they’d like among their friends and family. [Source]

3. Focus on customer experience

Customer experience is a hot topic right now. As the world of eCommerce grows more crowded, one way brands differentiate themselves is through exceeding customer expectations. Is it fun to shop on their site? Do customer questions get answered quickly?

Exceptional Customer service and fast responses are no longer optional for eCommerce sellers. They’re what customers expect. In fact, three-quarters of shoppers expect eCommerce customer service responses within 5 minutes!

What should eCommerce stores do? Use Facebook Messenger. Add Live Chat on your website. Build a chatbot. It’s a lot to tackle.

Instead, you can work with a system like eDesk that incorporates all aspects of eCommerce customer support—including template responses powered by AI, auto-responders to handle common support requests, and live chat that integrates with your website and social platforms.

4. SEO your product pages

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention SEO on our list of eCommerce marketing tactics. SEO is an essential part of eCommerce digital marketing, and it all starts with your product pages.

Make sure each of your product pages includes:

  • A unique title tag and enticing meta description that use keywords and make searchers want to click on your search result
  • Multiple product images, each of which includes alt text with your target keywords
  • A keyword-rich product description
  • A keyword-rich URL
  • Product schema to increase your visibility in Google search with price, availability, and ratings information.
Make sure your products’ information is featured high in Google search results.

Finally, your website should follow a SEO-friendly structure that makes it easy for search engines to crawl and index your product pages.

Well optimized site architecture helps SEO
Ensuring your site has an optimized site architecture has a significant effect on its search engine performance. [Source]

5. Remove hesitation with product reviews

Something else you can put on those product pages? Customer reviews. These can work wonders for your conversion rate. Just take a look at these statistics:

  • Adding reviews increases the conversion rate for higher-priced products by nearly 400%.
  • Reviews boost sales by 18%.
  • 71% of customers say they feel more comfortable purchasing a product when it has reviews.

95% of shoppers read reviews before they purchase. If you don’t have them on your site, they’re going to leave to find them somewhere else (and in the process, might shop somewhere else, too!)

Maximize your reviews by using feedback software and then add them to your product pages. This free, user-generated content can also boost your SEO, by adding unique, keyword-rich text to your product pages.

Plus, you can always re-purpose reviews for your other marketing efforts, such as including them in emails and social media posts.

Feedback is super-helpful towards your eCommerce marketing efforts! Maximize the great reviews and then show them off to new potential customers!

6. Get influential on Instagram

Speaking of social media, you’ve got to be working with influencers. Influencers take the basic customer review and put it on hyperdrive.

A customer review written by an everyday person simply helps sway people once they’re already on your site. Influencers, on the other hand, are people your customers admire and respect. They’re people your potential customers follow when they’re on Instagram, checking up on their friends and discovering products to buy.

An influencer is like a trusted megaphone, with a huge audience they can bring to your site.

The majority of shoppers are already using Instagram to discover, research, and decide whether to buy new products or services.

How Do You Learn How To Learn? Learn From Learners

learning how to learn

Are you learning as fast as the world is changing? A constant state of change requires a constant state of learning. Only a handful of companies, and people, cultivate learning as a skill.

Put simply:

Cultures of innovation = Cultures of learning

With that said, there is one skill that will always be relevant in the future: continuous learning.

What are the Best Functions of Business Intelligence Software?

Nowadays, it is extremely important that your company not only be rich in data, but also rich in insight. Business Intelligence refers to the process of extracting information and transforming it into data that will support the future decisions of your company. Business Intelligence provides a platform to build data for insight through queries, reports and online analytical processing.

Business Intelligence is gaining a sturdier foothold in the business sector based on its ability to be fast and effective. It allows for quick and detailed data analysis along with easier eye-catching presentation that surpasses those long hours spent hashing out statistics and spreadsheets. Ultimately, the better your Business Intelligence tool is, the smaller the revenue drain will be. Before you can read the best functions a business intelligence software, take a look at Tableau vs Power BI and learn the differences between business intelligence software. 

Strategy that sticks

making strategy simpleHow do you talk about your business’s strategy so that your employees get it?

Any strategic planning session eventually needs to deliver a robust strategy, one that anyone can understand and execute. The truth is this rarely happens, as most strategic plans end up in a binder somewhere, and confuse more than enlighten people.

What business leaders want to avoid at all costs is confusion, which leads to inaction. So, how do we solve this challenge?

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