How You Do Anything You Do Everything

Just because others slack off doesn’t mean I will too…

I met someone a few weeks ago who mentioned some things at work that bothered him. Specifically, that he got demotivated when he saw his colleagues were not working as hard as him; and he started slacking off too.

This is common in the workplace. And many people are just like this person: they stop caring and act like others.

But here’s the thing: If you let yourself be influenced by the behavior of others you’re not a leader; especially if those behaviors don’t result in you giving your best effort.

For things to change someone has to act differently. That takes leadership. And by giving up and acting like everyone else means you are not leading by example.

I shared with him a principle all leaders embrace: how you do anything you do everything.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 3 am, 9 am or 11 pm; whether I’m cleaning carpets, washing dishes, mentoring someone, or tinkering with an idea; I will approach it the same way I do everything: giving my best effort.

It doesn’t matter if the activity interests me or not. It’s all about your attitude. You are you and they are they. Ideal circumstances or co-workers should not dictate how you approach your work or anything else you do.

Remember: When others give up, you don’t. When others slack off, you don’t. Instead you set the tone.

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