3 Steps To Learn From Mistakes

Mistakes. We all make them. We wouldn’t grow without them. I used to be overly critical with myself when I was younger, and would get pissed whenever I made a mistake. Today, that isn’t the case. I realized that we all make mistakes, especially when you take an unknown path.

Whenever I made a mistake I would respond in two ways: either I cared too much and thought it was the end of the world or I didn’t.

I wasn’t scared of making mistakes. I was more concerned with being a perfectionist. But, you know what? Mistakes are common, you just have to learn to differentiate between good and bad mistakes: good ones help you figure out why something didn’t work, and you want to avoid the bad ones.

In the business world, mistakes cost time and money. And organizations want to minimize mistakes, which is why they hire for experience. People who don’t make mistakes are considered competent and are seen as reliable; everyone wants to be perceived this way because it means job security.

Unfortunately, people act more like robots when they don’t make mistakes. The problem is people are scared of trying stuff out because they fear they will get fired if they make a mistake, and will let it define them if they do get fired for making a mistake.

As a person, you have to make mistakes. It’s necessary for your growth. So you made a mistake, now what?

  • Step 1: Acknowledge you made a mistake;
  • Step 2: Accept that it was a mistake, but don’t allow it to define you or your self-worth;
  • Step 3: Don’t make the same mistake twice.

The last step is very important because when you make the same mistakes twice you develop a habit and identity. Worst, you might believe it’s not a mistakes when it really is.

Bottom line: Growth dies where fear lives. Your own personal growth is on the line if you don’t make mistakes.