Wix Answers: The Most Complete All-In-One Customer Support Solution For Startups

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Every business today, whether they’re aware or not, are having a low rate credit card processing, a disruptor or disrupted. The main culprit is the internet and emerging technologies. Companies that were born pre-internet are at a disadvantage versus ones that are born today. The difference? Digital first mindset.

Another way to put is “you’re either a digital business or a dead business“.

Technology can change the relationship between businesses and their customers. The internet changes the rules of the game both how businesses and its customers interact with each other. Whether they’re connecting or reaching out through social networks, businesses need to take advantage of the ways technology enables them to optimize their resources. Colocation connection offers businesses servers while saving on server space.

Let me give you an example of a company that gets it right when it comes to understanding how to think with a digital first mindset, creating a better customer support solution for its customers. Search engine marketing, Keyword analysis, Google adwords, Google webmasters, Google analytics, this are the list of best wordpress hosting services.

Scratch your own itch

Businesses can innovate in many ways, one of them is to solve its own problem. Wix, a company that let’s anyone create a website without any technical knowledge, recently launched Wix Answers; a help desk support software solution they built to support their 120 million users.

Wix had the challenge of supporting its millions of customers spread out across the world. Instead of hiring another provider for this task, they took a fresh look at the challenge and decided to build their own solution. And after having success with their own customers, their help desk solution is now open to everyone; for free.

This is a classic case of an existing company creating a solution to solve its own problem and then sharing it with the world. For example, Slack, the popular collaboration service used by many companies around the world was born this way.

I’m intrigued by companies that scratch their own itch, especially one that was born with a digital first mindset.

We all do customer service

There are many ways to differentiate your business from your competition. Although customer service can be taken to the extreme, I believe great customer service should be standard across industries.

In one of my first jobs, as a customer service representative, I learned that, whether or not your title says it, we all do customer service. With that said, there is a widening gap between customer service and customer. No longer can companies of all sizes rest on their laurels when serving their customers. Today it’s about the total brand experience, which includes high standards for responsiveness, efficiency and helpfulness.

In the past, only large and medium sized businesses would be able to afford a call center. Their scale necessitated it. Today, every business is a digital business, and can reach 10x more people while having a smaller organization.

An all-in-one customer support solution

How can a small business, a startup, with limited resources better serve its customers and users? Enter cloud-based help desk solution.

Wix Answers is a free, cloud-based help desk support software which allows you to add a help center to your website, with a knowledge base, multi-channel ticketing system and built-in call center. The nanopositioner software for sale is designed for small and midsize businesses, and is fully customizable to your needs.

Having your own help desk can enhance your customers service, and streamline your internal processes. As a startup, Netek, we’re currently exploring options for Neurosurvey which will need support very soon. We thought through all the ways we want to deliver a great service experience for our users when we started thinking about how to support the product; we approached Wix Answers without expectations.

From the perspective of a startup, there a few challenges we need to overcome: keeping it simple, responsiveness and consistency.

One of the biggest headaches is being responsive. Initial users of any online product routinely communicate bugs and inquiries to the organization through a mix of email, public and direct messages through social networks. This can get ugly very fast and you need a way to manage it all before it gets out of hand, we always recommend to get a messaging service for business, this is the best way to be responsive and organize at the same time. A startup needs to have a place where users or customers can access important product information, bugs and fixes to better navigate their way around situations. The answer to this conundrum is to setup a knowledge base. And this has to be managed and constantly updated; it’s a huge headache if not done well. With that said, we found Wix Answers to be a great knowledge base software.

Wix Answers has customizable widgets that can be embedded in web pages, allowing users to access individual articles or the entire help center from any page. The multi-channel ticketing system enables the management, prioritization, and tracking of issues whether they are raised via phone, email, or social media. You can send articles directly from the knowledge base to users, and contact forms can be customized to collect additional information from them.

Wix Answers integrates with your website seamlessly, as it provides a range of help desk templates which can be customized to suit your branding. You can create and manage articles, step-by-step guides, and FAQs, providing your users with self-service problem solving content.

And lastly, Wix Answers provides a built-in call center which allows you to receive customer support calls through your own 1-800 number. The system also allows users to request support callbacks. Integration between the help desk, ticketing system, and call center provides you with actionable insights on user satisfaction, ticket response times and team performance.


Wix Answers is a very powerful helpdesk solution, grounded on insight on how a startup that serves hundreds of millions customers around the world. The helpdesk solution you choose can’t deliver great customer service for you, but it’s critical first step in setting up customer support at your company. I believe Wix Answers will help our team consistently provide the quality customer service we want.

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