Demystifying Design Thinking with Sunil Malhotra

Demystifying Design Thinking with Sunil Malhotra

Just like innovation and artificial intelligence, design thinking is a buzzword. There is a cottage industry of practitioners who, with good intention or not, are hoping to get their pockets full from enterprises who want a step by step process that reduces the uncertainty behind innovation.

To many, design thinking is the answer.

Design thinking is powerful but misunderstood. I’ve written about these misunderstandings in the past:

This is a topic which resonates with design thinking practitioners like Sunil Malhotra. We’ve had back and forth conversations over Twitter and Facebook, and we felt the need to demystify design thinking for the benefit of businesses and the discipline itself.

Sunil is the co-founder and CEO of Ideafarms, a Design + Innovation company that pioneered using concepts and approaches of industrial design in the software industry. Belief in individual talent and the power of interdisciplinary teams provided the impetus for his founding Ideafarms – a business model based on the simple tenet that ‘everything produced by human beings is meant for use by other human beings’. Ideafarms’s user orientation drives its technology vision and not the other way around, making the company strikingly different from the norm. Today, Ideafarms is amongst India’s leading Design Thinking providers.

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Watch our conversation below:

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