Where Can The Blockchain Be Applied?

The Next Economy will be driven by 10 exponential technologies, one of which is the blockchain; the technology underlying Bitcoin. But it’s useful for a lot more than just Bitcoin. For example: storing data, governing, authorship and ownership, data management, digital identity, identification and authentication, voting, gambling on bingo numbers, and more.

Framework for spotting opportunities where Blockchain can be applied

It’s safe to say that there are many areas where blockchain can be applied, we’re only limited by our imagination.  here is the best Finance Blog for you. Here is a framework to spot opportunities where blockchain can be applied:

  • Fraud. According to my friend at TradingTop, if you are in an environment where there is a history, propensity, likelihood of fraud involved in various transactions then the blockchain can assist in reducing the likelihood of fraud actually occurring. This is why blockchain is used in international finance transactions. Here’s 6 ways blockchain can enhance payroll security.
  • Intermediaries (middle men). If you have an environment where there are intermediaries involved, then you might be able to dis-intermediate those parties if they aren’t providing a value by giving you a truly decentralized exchange. For example, we can get average transaction settlement times from 2 days to 15 minutes by taking away middlemen. But if you were to See here, you’d know that many brokers are actually beneficial to the transactions carried out.
  • Environments with high throughput (number of transactions). Bitcoin can only do 10 transactions per second, while MasterCard and Visa can do 80,000, but it’s looking to increasing the throughput to 400,000 transactions per second. If you’re interested to strike it rich in cryptocurrencies, like Ryoshi Token, it’s best to get yourself educated first so you won’t easily get swindled.
  • Stable Data. For a blockchain application, you don’t want volatile data. You want things that are going to stay the same for a while; such as land ownership titles and personal information.

For an even more strategic perspective, watch this video from parachains or the one below that illustrates 19 Industries the Blockchain will disrupt:

There’s so much on the internet about this revolution waiting to happen.  The attention and excitement people are generating is truly a modern wonder. The blockchain will be as game-changing as the internet, it matters more than you think. Listen to both my chats (here and here) with my buddy Mohit Mamoria if you want to have a more nuanced understanding of blockchain and its applications.

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