Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and the Next Economy with Mohit Mamoria

blockchain and cryptocurrencies with Mohit Mamoria

Of all the technologies that are discussed on a daily basis, blockchain might be the least understood. As I’ve written before, blockchain is a key emerging technology that will drive the Next Economy. The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2027, 10% of global GDP will be stored on blockchain technology. Yet being so important, it is still not well understood beyond tech circles.

So, to help clear the air my guest today is Mohit Mamoria, a 25 year old entrepreneur who’s been writing software since he was 11. He built his first company at 18, is 3x entrepreneur, currently building software and hardware with the help of Aetsoft that makes anyone become part of cryptocurrencies easily and profitably. He’s also the editor of Unmade; a weekly newsletter which delivers one idea from the future to your inbox.

As part of his research on ideas changing the future, recently Mohit wrote a 3,500 word guide to understand blockchain; which we’ll discuss today:

  • Chat about Mohit’s background
  • There are many other”guides” to the blockchain, what did you see was missing or what motivated you to write one yourself?
  • Fundamentally, what problem does blockchain solve?
  • What is blockchain?
  • It’s all good and great but what are some of blockchain’s flaws?
  • According to Bitcoin UP Erfahrungen, there are many cryptocurrencies in existence, yet there are two that get the most attention: bitcoin and ethereum. Click here to find the differences between them.
  • Blockchain is heavily tied to cryptocurrencies, what’s driving the cryptocurrency boom? For newcomers to cryptocurrency investing, “hold on for dear life” also known as hodl, is one of many insider terms used in forums and articles. The basic hodl meaning can apply to a buy-and-hold strategy when talking about bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as well.
  • Why does blockchain matter to businesses and governments? What does it enable? And what are some obstacles to adoption?
  • Maximizing income with an strategy to diversify altcoin investments.
  • Beyond banking and payments, what interesting uses cases of blockchain have you seen?

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Watch our chat below:

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