Blockchain in Government, Venture Capital and Cryptocurrency Outlook with Mohit Mamoria

Blockchain in Government, Venture Capital and Cryptocurrency Outlook with Mohit Mamoria

Blockchain is one of ten key technologies that will drive the Next Economy, and there isn’t a day that goes by where a new advance is made in its application towards something interesting in banking, government, insurance, transportation as well as other domains. Blockchain will change the face of business and society, so it’s an important topic to discuss and understand.

With that said, two months ago I had Blockchain enthusiast Mohit Mamoria on the podcast to chat about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the Next Economy, today he’s back for part 2: blockchain in government, venture capital, diffusion of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency outlook going forward.

Mohit is a 25 year old entrepreneur who’s been writing software since he was 11. He built his first company at 18, is 3x entrepreneur, currently building software and hardware that makes anyone become part of cryptocurrencies easily and profitably. He’s also the editor of Unmade; a weekly newsletter which delivers one idea from the future to your inbox.

As part of his research on ideas changing the future, Mohit wrote a 3,500 word guide to understand blockchain; read it if you’re not familiar with the topic.

Below are some questions I asked Mohit during our chat:

  • Blockchain has many applications for the public sector that can improve the quality of government services, safeguard property rights, prevent fraud, cut red tape and waste while improving transparency. What is the promise of blockchain for governance and what are its applications for the public sector?
  • I’m very excited about the idea of a self-service government, what do you think are the obstacles and how do we overcome them?
  • One of the most exciting developments and application of blockchain in finance is the ICO. It seems like every other day there’s an ICO, a new way to raise funds for anything. How will crypo-funding disrupt venture capital?
  • Talk to me about Godtoken, what is it?
  • I see the domain of cryptocurrencies very fragmented right now, what is the current the state of cryptocurrencies? What are you seeing in terms of trends, adoption and usage?
  • A big challenge to any new technology is adoption; people reject new technologies for various reasons. At this point Bitcoin cash is already the world’s third largest cryptocurrency, is this is a sign that cryptocurrencies are beginning to pick up with the average person? How do we scale and reach the masses? BitcoinHEX gives the answer to this question.
  • Let’s play make believe for a minute, and suppose that blockchain embeds itself in society at large. What will a blockchain-based life look like 15 years from now?

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Watch our chat below:

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