The Truth About Nootropics (Smart Drugs)

smart drugs

Nootropics are reported to being widely used in work and at school to help people be more focused. Which begs the question: do nootropics, smart drugs, enhance creative thinking? Or lead people to addition problems then requiring Tampa drug rehab to get detoxed.

It is a question we couldn’t answer on a previous episode of the Big Bang podcast, When Smart Drugs Do The Work. In that episode we discussed how nootropics help us focus on the task at hand, and how the rise of algorithms and robots might trigger us to compete with them by “doping” on these so called smart drugs.

Of course, artificial intelligence is predicted to take over many repetitive tasks that we today that require no thinking whatsoever. The type of cognitive function that nootropics help us do more efficiently.

So to help us understand nootropics on a wider angle such as how people really use them and whether or not they enhance creative thinking, on this episode of the podcast we were joined by Ryan Michael Ballow, creator of Cortex Nootropic. Ryan is the Founder and CEO of Live Cortex; a cognitive optimization company focusing on nootropic agents.

One takeaway for me is that people in the nootropics community have various reasons for using nootropics routinely, partially to prevent the impairment of cognitive function of the brain from aging, but also to optimize it.

Anyway, here are questions we discussed during this episode:

  • Why do people use nootropics?
  • Does the term smart drugs give nootropics a bad name?
  • Which nootropics enhance creative thinking?
  • How easy is it for a normal person to create their own nootropic stack and hack their cognition?

Are you a nootropics user? How and why do you use nootropics?

There is other important issue here. Taking too many drugs can lead to addiction, so unless you plan to spend some time at drug rehab center Richmond, you should be very careful with the drugs you take. Do not worry if you are struggling through addiction. There is hope for those struggling with addiction. Garden Heights Recovery serving NYC residents can help.

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Watch the recording:

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