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The Truth About Nootropics (Smart Drugs)

smart drugs

Nootropics are reported to being widely used in work and at school to help people be more focused. Which begs the question: do nootropics, smart drugs, enhance creative thinking? Or lead people to addition problems then requiring Tampa drug rehab to get detoxed.

When Smart Drugs Do The Work

smart drugs

A world where most menial jobs will be taken over by robots is coming. And in that future, humans will focus on cognitively intense jobs where critical thinking and creativity are highly valued. How fast that will happen is an ongoing argument, but what is happening already, and will also become more widespread in the future, is the use of cognitive performance enhancers at school and at work.

As we discussed in A World Without Sleep, a scenario that could present itself is one where we choose not to sleep to be able to compete with robots; and that means using smart drugs.