How do you measure an innovation ecosystem?

how do you measure an innovation ecosytem?Here’s a recap from our #innochat session on Measuring an innovation ecosystem. Below are the questions we discussed with my own and answers as well as responses from other participants.

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What do you think are the critical components of an innovation ecosystem?

Before the obvious ones such as infrastructure and funding, you need culture: beliefs and attitudes. Most governments immediately aim to put in the place the hard stuff (funding, infrastructure) before the soft stuff (culture).

What is the key component to start with if no other components are present?

As mentioned in the previous question, it all starts with culture. Open communication, trust, collaborative mindset open the door to support systems such as incubators, funding, etc..

What cultural characteristics are necessary for an innovation ecosystem to function?

Similar to any organization, an open mind. I can’t tell you how important this is.

What evidence, individual and/or organizational, will tell us that this culture is developing?

Evidence that an ecosystem is developing is when you don’t think about it anymore; it just happens. Also, there is a shift in identity from “me to we”. Other signs is when you see cross-domain collaboration, such as small companies collaborating with large ones in joint ventures and partnerships.

How can we adjust and improve an innovation ecosystem to increase its effectiveness?

First, ask what works and what doesn’t. Figure out what are the levers that work, push those more and eliminate what doesn’t.

In conclusion, I left the following comment at the end: