Your competitive advantage: make people happy

competitive advantage comes from making people happy

A key to implementing a kick-ass business strategy is , this is shifts the rules to your advantage.

One of the most important pillars of any great business is making your customer happy. Yet, it seems to me that businesses are only focused on what they want, but not what their customers want. Profit over brand is a ruling mindset! If you find yourself in a market where this is the case, make it your mission to compete by making your customers happy, and make your competition irrelevant.

Your competitors will be trying to figure your strategy out and since they can’t think of making customers happy as a strategy (it’s not logical?), they won’t be able to compete! They’ll think you’re out of your mind.

The best strategy is to have none. The best strategy is to behave in way that makes your customers better off. Make them happy, that’s your greatest sources of infinite advantage.

It’s as simple as that!

If you don’t believe me, a perfect example of a company that makes their customer happy is Apple. People wet their pants before they get to touch the products themselves!

If you want your customers to salivate over you, give them what they want and exceed their expectations.

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