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Archives for June 2010

Reimagine how you imagine

Alright it seems to me that the word ‘imagination’ doesn’t fit in a business context, unless you’re an ad agency it’s been completely banned! The mere mention of ‘let’s use our imaginations’ gets people nervous as if saying ‘what’s that?’ Ok Ok I get it, there are alternatives though and to battle that I use […]

Innovation posts of the week: Why creativity is dangerous for business innovation

Innovation: How Great Bosses Think About It And Do It | Psychology Today via @ralph_ohr Where Does Your Strategic Innovation Come From? – Harvard Business Review Design Thinking: A useful myth – Core77 Why creativity is dangerous for business innovation | CustomerThink Innovation: 10 lessons to learn from Apple – via @cbsSmartPlanet Observational Research as […]

Innovation Groups on Linkedin You May Want to Join by @solutionman

I got this in my inbox from the Innovation People Expert Innovators Creative Network by Gerald Haman and thought I should pass it along: I have formed other Linkedin Groups to help innovators connect with other people who have similar interests or passions. Check out the following list that contains the group name, number of […]

To create change don’t be afraid to shake things up and take charge

“For things to change, somebody somewhere has to start acting differently.” – From the book Switch: How to change things when change is hard.   If you want your team to do things differently just send them an email right? Just merely saying ‘let’s be different’, ‘let’s innovate’ in an email is not going to […]

Remove the associative barriers that hinder new ideas

Image via Wikipedia Last week I mentioned that the number one creative skill you need to master is the ability to free associate, to make connections between dissimilar things. I just stumbled into Ellen Di Resta’s post on the innovator’s perception where she probes further into the concept to which I left a comment:

Why purpose matters

The decisions people and organizations make about where, how, and why to invest their energy all stem from a need of purpose.

The no. 1 innovation skill you need to master

A friend of mine who recently visited this blog made the observation that I make a lot of reference to sports. I thought this was kind of cool because he noticed it, and understood what I was trying to convey. This is an important observation, because as we’ve mentioned before, one of the key skills […]