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Innovation Groups on Linkedin You May Want to Join by @solutionman

I got this in my inbox from the by Gerald Haman and thought I should pass it along:

I have formed other Linkedin Groups to help innovators connect with other people who have similar interests or passions. Check out the following list that contains the group name, number of members and a convenient link to click to join or learn more.


Follow on Twitter if you aren’t already and while you at it you can also 🙂



100,200 Members in Marketing, PR, Sales & Word-of-Mouth Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/MarketingPRLinkedin

12,415 Members in Green & Sustainability Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/GreenSustainabilityLinkedin

12,303 Members in Twitter Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/TwitterLinkedinGroup

10,823 Members THIS InnovationPeople Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/InnovationPeopleLinkedin

4,120 Members in Brand Innovators & Branding Leadership Expert Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/BrandLinkedin

3,690 Members in Learning & Education Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/LearningEducationLinkedin

2,476 Members in HealthCare Innovators, Medical, Pharma & Biotech Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/HealthCareLinkedin

2,390 Members in Sales & Selling Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/SalesLinkedin

2,354 Members in Leadership & Change Management Expert Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/LeadershipChangeLinkedin

2,328 Members in GTD Innovators – Users of David Allen’s Getting Things Done Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/GTDLinkedinGroup

2,143 Members in New Product & Service Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/ProductServiceLinkedin

1,991 Members in APP Users & Developers for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android Phones Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/APPinnovatorsLinkedin

1,376 Members in Meeting & Event Design Professionals Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/MeetingEventLinkedin

1,176 Members in Fundraising & Philanthropic Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/FundraisingLinkedin

1,118 Members in Facebook Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/FacebookLinkedinGroup

1,069 Members in Communication Innovators Expert Network Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/CommunicationLinkedin

717 Members in Association, Convention & Conference Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/AssociationConventionLinkedin

551 Members in TRIZ Innovation Network Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/TRIZLinkedinGroup

488 Members in Very Innovative People Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/VeryInnovativePeopleLinkedin

416 Members in YouTube innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/YouTubeLinkedinGroup

406 Members in Experience Economy Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/ExperienceEconomyLinkedin

379 Members in Futurists & Anticipatory Scientists Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/FuturistsLinkedin

379 Members in Chicagovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/ChicagovatorsLinkedin

376 Members in Innovative Networkers Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/NetworkersLinkedin

178 Members in Government & Political Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/GovernmentPoliticalLinkedin

135 Members in KnowBrainer “Trained Brains” Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/KnowBrainerGroup

128 Members in SolutionPeople Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/SolutionPeopleLinkedinGroup

96 Members in Innovation Idols Network of Innovators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/InnovationIdolsLinkedin

50 Members in InnovatorsDigest.com Innovation Network Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/InnovatorsDigestLinkedin

32 Members in Innovation Trainers Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/InnovationTrainersLinkedin

15 Members in Innovation Facilitators Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/InnovationFacilitatorsLinkedin

13 Members in Innovation Coaches Group
JOIN: http://bit.ly/InnovationCoachesLinkedin