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Archives for January 2010

Weekend innovation tip: WTF is innovation to you?

Innovation is about change and progress not great ideas.   I get two responses to that question: dull faces or some lunchbox definition. Businesses like the sound of the word of ‘innovation’ appearing in their vocabulary yet rarely can everyone in the organization come to a collective definition of what is means to them and […]

Must read innovation stories of the week: Getting it done

It was an ‘innovation packed’ week that had everything starting from making excuses, ideating around small ideas, how to get it done, popular tools to use to tackle challenges and how to test your ideas. Pretty good eh!   How to Encourage Small Innovations – (HBR) Rethinking Branding through Radical Innovation – (Servant of Chaos) […]

INNOVATION: Change your internal chip

You become an innovative thinker by adopting multiple mental models because having a mind full of differing perspectives is better than one with just one perspective.

Strategy: Keep the ball moving

I’m a basketball junkie so I was delighted to read Fast Company’s excellent inside look at basketball start Steve Nash which examines how Nash runs his work life outside of basketball, just like the Suns offense, in constant chaos. Nash runs THE most unorthodox offense in the NBA, which is unplanned, unpredictable and all on […]

Must read innovation stories of the week: What are you the most at?

You wont stand out from the crowd if you keep playing by the same old rules as everyone else in your market. Are you the most of anything?     What is Design Thinking, Really? « emergent by design Create a Garden of Innovation! – Idea Champions What’s Your Company’s Sentence? – Bill Taylor – […]

Weekend innovation tip: Be a kid again

Guess what? ‘innovation’ is going to be the keyword of the year again. More specifically how you reinvent your business from the inside out is what’s going to separate the leaders from the laggards and this doesn’t happen with some magic potion, it happens with questioning the assumptions by which your business operates. According to […]

What are your needs? Ask Twitter

Twitter is vast repository of information, conversations and individual thoughts. It’s hard to keep up and make sense of all of it but sometimes you get some concrete insights from people like Tom Peters telling you he’s underserved: